The event was part of the activities in the Cultural Festival, themed “Friendship without borders,” at the Friendship House in Alabino training ground in Russia.

A performance at the event

Cultural activities in the program imbued with Vietnam’s national identities helped popularize the image of a culturally-rich and peace-loving Vietnam, friendly Vietnamese people, and heroic Vietnam People’s Army to international friends. Those activities had been carefully prepared by the Vietnamese art troupe team before the Army Games. 

Guests join a bamboo dance.

During the program, music of the Dan bau (gourd lute – a Vietnamese one-string traditional instrument) played glorious melodies and songs of the Vietnam People’s Army. A delightful and interesting bamboo dance drew the active participation of local people and children as well as officers from the participating countries.

Mr. Aliaksei Siarheyeu and Dan bau artist Nguyen Duy Thinh

Joining the event, Aliaksei Siarheyeu, a Belarusian saxophonist, felt excited while listening to the sound of Dan bau. He said that art is like an international language which can bring people from different nationalities closer together. Such cultural and art activities at the Army Games 2019 will help strengthen the friendship among the militaries, contributing to developing cooperative relations among countries. 

Other people were interested in the Vietnamese people’s traditional dishes, including fired spring rolls, grilled meatballs, boiled sweet potatoes, sesame cake, and green tea.

Below is a clip of the event.


Reported by My Hanh from Russia

Translated by Tran Hoai