Established right after Vietnam gained independence in 1945, Vietnam's defense industry has accompanied every victory of the nation in the national construction and defense cause. After nearly 78 years of construction and development, Vietnam’s defense industry is growing constantly. Initially, there were only technical equipment repair workshops. Up to now, a unified system of research and manufacturing facilities has been formed in various fields. Most of the defense industry establishments are State-owned enterprises and under the management of the Ministry of National Defense.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong, Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Defense Minister, visits the booth of the General Department of Defense Industry at the Vietnam International Defense Expo 2022.

Over the years, the Government and the Ministry of National Defense have invested in the defense industry facilities to improve their infrastructure. Many factories are equipped with modern and synchronous equipment and machines, which allow them to operate in closed, safe, and environment-friendly processes with high automation.

All defense industry facilities have actively applied the ISO international standards to their production lines, enhanced automation and reduced direct laborers at dangerous and hazardous stages. In the context that the fourth Industrial Revolution is developing strongly around the world, Vietnam is also promoting the application of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, quantum computing, and sensors, as well as investing in military data storage and processing centers, laboratories, and testing modern technical equipment.

According to Senior Colonel Duong Van Yen, currently, Vietnam's core defense industry facilities are strongly developing in terms of both technical infrastructure and quality of human resources.

Apart from developing the industrial sector in the direction of dual-use and modernity, Vietnam also focuses on promoting international cooperation and pro-actively integrating into the world to make the sector the spearhead one of the national industry. Accordingly, Vietnam advocates multilateralization and diversification of cooperation channels, technology transfer in the production lines of weapons and equipment, contributing to meeting the task requirements of safeguarding the country.

In the coming time, Vietnam will continue to implement a diversified, flexible and synchronous cooperation method in technology transfer, joint venture, research and development of new weapons, and cooperation in personnel training, market promotion and branding, export of military, dual-use and economic products, as well as participation in the global value chains.

Vietnam's policies of pro-active international integration and development of defense industry in the direction of dual-use and modernity has been highly appreciated by representatives of foreign defense enterprises attending the Vietnam International Defense Expo 2022.

The booth of the General Department of Defense Industry receives a lot of visitors.

According to representatives of several foreign defense enterprises, Vietnam makes a strong impression as a reliable and responsible partner. Therefore, many foreign enterprises attached much importance to consolidating and strengthening their cooperation in defense industry with the country such as Damen Group (from Netherlands) - a corporation with many years of experience in cooperation with Vietnam in shipbuilding.

“We have many years working with Vietnam. In the coming time, we look forward to continuing to expand cooperation with Vietnam to produce more defense products,” said Sales Manager Asia-Pacific for Damen Shipyards Group Michiel Hendrikx.

Translated by Trung Thanh