They patrolled along the shared borderline section from marker 260 to marker 261. The patrol aimed to boost law enforcement in border areas of each country, contributing to enhancing the solidarity and friendship between the border protection forces of the two countries, thereby building a borderline of peace, friendship, stability, cooperation, and development.

At the talks

Before the joint patrol, talks took place between the Vietnamese delegation from the Border Guard Command of Vietnamese province of Ha Giang, led by its deputy commanding officer Colonel Nguyen Xuan Hoang and the Chinese delegation from the border management department of Wenshan (Chinese province of Yunnan), led by its head Colonel Chen Wenwu on the friendship bridge at Thanh Thuy International Border Gate.

During the talks, in the spirit of friendship and straightforwardness, the two sides reviewed their achievements in jointly enforcing border management regulations.

They highlighted the good coordination between the two countries’ border protection forces in dealing with law-violation cases along the shared border, at border gates and on open paths in a timely manner and in line with each country’s laws.

They also highly praised their regular exchange of information about the COVID-19 situation and COVID-19 prevention and control efforts as well as prevention of illegal immigration.

In the coming time, the two sides will continue to direct their affiliates to conduct joint border patrols, enhance border management and control, and further cooperate in crime prevention and control.

They will also lead their affiliated units to increase information dissemination about each country’s laws in both Chinese and Vietnamese languages for people living along both sides of the shared borderline.

Source: bienphong

Translated by Mai Huong