Rear Admiral Nguyen Duy Ty (R) and General Ouk SeyHa

Rear Admiral Nguyen Duy Ty, Chief of the Naval Region 5 Command, and General Ouk SeyHa, Deputy Naval Chief and Commander of the Cambodian Ream Naval Base’ co-chaired the meeting.

At the meeting, the Vietnamese rear admiral highlighted the two sides’ close coordination in conducting the joint patrols. He also emphasized that the two sides exchanged information about issues of common concern with relevant forces and agencies of both nations.

Their cooperation has importantly contributed to maintaining peace, stability, order and security in the overlapping waters and in the shared waters.

The Vietnamese officer also noted that over the past time, almost all fishermen and vehicles of both nations have strictly observed fishing regulations in the historical waters.

At the meeting

The two sides later discussed and highly valued the outcomes of the 55th and 56th joint patrols during which they practiced maneuvers in the formation of a detachment, search and rescue, communication via UFH and VHF channels, signal flags, and lamplight. The joint patrols helped improve the operational capability of crewmembers.

They also highlighted the good performance of the permanent office of the joint patrol of each side. Accordingly, they provided up-to-date information about developments in the waters and of related issues and directed participating ships in the joint patrols to follow the plans.

During the two joint patrols, 102 ships of different kinds flying Vietnamese and Cambodian flags were fishing in the historical waters.

Also at the meeting, the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation.

Translated by Mai Huong