Major General Nguyen Hong Son, the hospital’s director, held that visits by delegations of US officials and experts to the hospital over the past years have offered a good opportunity to expand the two countries’ relations in the health sector.

During the visit

In the coming time, both sides should continue to foster their medical cooperation, particularly in training of medical emergency response to road, waterway, and aviation incidents; working together in conducting medical exercises, and sharing experiences. The hospital is willing to receive young American medical students and workers for further study in Vietnam, he added.

As for preparations for the hospital’s level-two field hospital for the coming deployment to the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), General Son held that the field hospital’s staff have finished some English skills and pre-deployment training courses.

The hospital proactively sent members of the field hospital to South Sudan for study as well as other countries with high experiences on UN peacekeeping operations like the UK, India, China, and France.

Additionally, the field hospital’s staff have actively been training on modern medical equipment, sponsored by the US, under the observation of experts from the UK, the US, and the UN.

As a result, in order to effectively complete assigned tasks in the future, the field hospital’s members asked for further assistance, especially in field medical operations, from the US military.

For his part, US Ambassador Kritenbrink highly appreciated the development of the Vietnam-US relations, including military medical cooperation between Military Hospital 175 and American medical organizations. He praised competencies of doctors and medical staff of Military Hospital 175 and the level-two field hospital, and believed that the field hospital’s staff will successfully deploy and operate at the UNMISS.

Additionally, the US diplomat underlined that the US is looking to enhancing cooperation with Vietnam, especially in fields of medical work, healthcare for the community, and overcoming consequences of the Agent Orange/Dioxin left behind from the war in Vietnam.

Translated by Van Hieu