Vietnamese medical staff performing the simulated situation

The conference was chaired by Head of the Health Section of the United Nations Dr. Adarsh Tiwathia and attended by heads of health sections at the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and top UN medical experts from New York.

At the event, personnel of the second L2FH of Vietnam introduced delegates to its gathering zone for suspected cases of COVID-19. The area is equipped with a monitor, a ventilator, an x-ray machine, medicines, and other essential medical equipment. The Vietnamese medical staff also demonstrated the processes of disinfecting surfaces, collecting medical trash, and cleaning rooms for COVID-19 patients.

According to the L2FH Rotation 2 of Vietnam at UNMISS, the hospital’s personnel successfully performed their response to a simulated emergency situation as requested by Dr. Adarsh Tiwathia. In the simulated situation offered by the examiner, the hospital received a COVID-19 case from another medical establishment, moved the patient to the isolated zone, and treated the patient.

While performing the simulated situation, the Vietnamese medical staff successfully answered the UN medical experts’ questions relating to the patient treatment process and measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection in the hospital. 

At the conference, Deputy Director of the L2FH Rotation 2 Lieutenant Colonel Doctor Nguyen Quang Chien briefed delegates on the hospital’s preparations for responding to COVID-19 since the pandemic broke out in China. Particularly, since the first COVID-19 cases were reported, the hospital promptly built a response plan based on guidance from the World Health Organization, the UN, UNMISS, and Vietnamese units, including the Military Medical University and the Military Medical Department. It also hosted training courses and exercises to raise its personnel’s abilities to respond to SARS-CoV2. On Thursdays, the hospital holds an online training course to consult experts from Military Hospital 103 of the Military Medical University (Vietnam) about the work. These activities have helped raise its cadres’ and staff’s awareness of the virus and improved response measures. In addition, the second level-two field hospital of Vietnam usually organizes cultural activities to raise its personnel’s spiritual life during the pandemic and plants trees to protect the environment.

At the video conference

Evaluating the hospital’s response to the disease, Dr. Adarsh Tiwathia expressed her admiration for the Vietnamese hospital’s capabilities and response to COVID-19. She sincerely thanked the Vietnamese military doctors and nurses for overcoming all difficulties to fulfil their missions as medical staff and as peacekeepers. Adarsh Tiwathia emphasized that she was impressed by the thorough preparations and performance of the Vietnamese medical staff. These achievements will help UNMISS be more confident in the fight against the pandemic, said Adarsh Tiwathia.

In his e-mail to Lieutenant Colonel Vo Van Hien, Director of the L2FH Rotation 2 of Vietnam, Dr. Iqbal Modh, Head of the Health Department of UNMISS, lauded the excellent performance of the hospital during the assessment. He wished the Vietnamese medical personnel to record more achievements in the future.

Translated by Tran Hoai