The ceremony was held under the chair of the corps’ commander, Major General Nguyen Hong Phong.

Major General Nguyen Hong Phong chairs the ceremony.

This is the second time the artillery team of the Vietnam People’s Army has been sent to the games for competitions. For five months of training, the artillery troops have completed 176 live-fire tests, practiced other competitive contents in line with the games’ regulations, and strictly applied COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

In the “Master of Artillery Fire” contest, the team’s squads are required to cross obstacles while using weapons, including 7.62 mm PKT machine guns, 120 mm mortars, RPG-7V anti-tank rocket launchers, and 5.45 mm AK-74 assault rifles on a 2km track.

Major General Nguyen Hong Phong asked the team to bring into full play the cultural traditions of the country and the noble virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers while promoting solidarity, unity, good health, and COVID-19 prevention.

The Artillery Corps’ leaders present gifts to the team.

He requested the participants to familiarize themselves with the host country’s climate, training grounds, weapons and equipment while taking advantage of practice time to achieve the highest possible results at the games.

The artillery troops were also urged to raise their determination, teamwork, and coordination while having reasonable competition tactics and observing discipline. During the competition, they should compete honestly, notably, and be resolved to bring glory to the nation.

As planned, the team will head for Kazakhstan on August 3.

Translated by Mai Huong