In his speech at the ceremony, Major General Nguyen Kim Ton, the Military Broadcasting Center's Director, congratulated 15 officers of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces on successfully completing the course.

Maj. Gen. Nguyen Kim Ton presents course completion certificates to the officers of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

According to Maj. Gen. Nguyen Kim Ton, the rapid development of science and technology, especially information technology, has significantly transformed the global and regional media landscape in terms of format, contents, and quality. This progress has raised higher requirements for media agencies, including military ones, in training human resources, investing in equipment, and changing mindsets. The knowledge and experience shared during the training course covered the basic procedures for producing radio and television works. Gen. Ton expressed his hope that these insights would be beneficial to the Cambodian officers in their professional and personal lives upon returning to their country.

The  Military Broadcasting Center's Director also expressed his hope that in the future, the Cambodian officers would continue to study to gain more comprehensive knowledge, creatively apply their skills, and produce high-quality radio and television works that effectively serve the information dissemination efforts of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and the Cambodian country as a whole. He is confident that the Cambodian trainees will continue to work diligently and contribute to the development and international integration of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces' radio and TV broadcasting sector.

Translated by Trung Thanh