Major General Nguyen Hung Thang speaks at the event.

Major General Nguyen Hung Thang, Second-in-Command and Chief of the Staff of the General Department of Logistics, Head of the committee, chaired the event.

In this first-ever exercise, coded HB-21, the two militaries will deploy the level-2 field hospital of each side. As scheduled, from December 6 to 12, in Mong Cai city of the Vietnamese province of Quang Ninh, the two military medical forces will rehearse the collaboration between the two countries’ joint military medical headquarters, deploy search and rescue forces, receive and give emergency aid to a large number of victims at level-2 field hospitals of each side, practice cholera prevention and control for people in earthquake-hit areas, to name but a few.

At the meeting

Stressing the importance of the exercise to boost the intensive and substantive cooperation between the two militaries, General Thang said that through the exercise, the command, coordination capability in medical relief and disease prevention and control will be raised together with the improvement in coordination and deployment of international humanitarian assistance between the two military medical forces.

General Thang also asked the participants to make thorough preparation for the exercise, and discuss with the Chinese side to reach agreement on the exercise-related contents and sideline activities to ensure a success and absolute safety for the exercise amid the complicated developments of COVID-19.

Translated by Mai Huong