Over the past time, Military Hospital 175 has held different courses to increase the command of English, political knowledge, and professionalism of the personnel of the L2FH Rotation 3, so as to fulfill the set plan approved by the General Staff.

At the working session

Particularly, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital launched eight online English training classes for the personnel of the L2FH Rotation 3. The first IELTS class was completed successfully, as all of the members passed the test. Military Hospital 175 is planning to open military and medical English classes for doctors and nurses before they are deployed to South Sudan.

In addition, all the members of the third field hospital passed the tests on political knowledge, line-up regulations, and shooting. In the coming time, the hospital will continue organizing training courses on tactics, sports, logistics, and techniques.

Regarding professionalism, the hospital conducted activities to raise medical competence of the personnel and held an International Trauma Life Support course for those holding IELTS certificates. It also organized classes to raise the peacekeepers’ interpreting skills and equip them with guidelines on U.N. medical aid.

As scheduled, in August, the VNDPKO will host training courses on pre-deployment and air medivac. The Vietnamese peacekeepers will also be equipped with skills to respond to international emergencies and knowledge on bombs, mines, and International Humanitarian Law. 

Translated by Tran Hoai