The working visit was within the framework of a German professional and technical assistance program for the Trauma and Orthopedics Ward of Military Hospital 175.

Leaders of Military Hospital 175 and Professor Josten

At meetings, the two sides discussed professional issues, shared information about the latest trauma and orthopedics therapies, and agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in treating patients with trauma and supporting Military Hospital 175 to develop a trauma and orthopedics hospital with 500 beds.

Professor Josten highly regarded the trauma treatment activities and orthopedic techniques at the Vietnamese military hospital as well as its modern medical facilities and equipment for trauma treatment and orthopedic techniques.

During the visit, the German trauma and orthopedic experts also participated in medical examinations and recuperation counseling for local patients with trauma, particularly those suffering from injuries or diseases related to the spine; they also held six short training courses sharing experiences in emergency triage and treatment of multi-trauma cases, vertebral failures, pelvic fractures and spinal cancers.

Translated by Thu Nguyen