She is proud to have a chance to devote her life to the nation and to implement the international mission as a peacekeeper doctor. For Le Na, becoming an Uncle Ho’s soldier and an ambassador of peace is a mark of personal growth.

Graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 2018, Le Na was admitted to the Military Hospital 175 of the Defense Ministry as a diagnostic imaging technician. She chose to join the military hospital because it is a good environment for her to develop in all aspects. “I was really impressed by the female peacekeeping officers, so I registered to take the mission and felt so happy for being chosen,” said Le Na.

Non-commissioned Second Lieutenant Le Na

All members of the L2FH Rotation 3 expressed their high determination to fulfill assigned missions. “It encouraged me to overcome difficulties and try my best to perform my tasks as a peacekeeper,” she added.

Like other peacekeepers, Le Na was fully equipped with foreign language command, survival skills and COVID-19 prevention and control knowledge as the UN requires.

Coming to South Sudan, Le Na brought along coconut candies, the special products of her native land of Ben Tre. She confided that she would introduce the images of the people of Vietnam and its culture to international friends. Especially, with coconut candies, she always offers foreigners a chance to experience the culinary culture of Vietnam.

Seeing-off her daughter, Mrs. Huynh Thi Thuy Tien – Le Na’s mother, held that her family members were very touched and proud to see their daughter wearing her military uniform and believed that she will best fulfill her assigned missions.

“This (South Sudan) is the place which was, is and will be nurtured by love for peace and compassionate hearts,” Le Na wrote on her personal social media page immediately after setting foot in the country. It showed her high determination and great efforts to successfully complete her missions and leaving good impression on international friends.

Translated by Minh Anh