Reports delivered at the meeting revealed that under the instruction of the Defense Minister, right after Resolution 130/2020/QH14 was adopted, the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations formed a compilation board and checked Vietnamese and international legal documents, the UN’s regulations, and international treaties with Vietnam as a member.  The department also drafted the Government’s Decree to foster the realization of the National Assembly’s Resolution on participation in UN peacekeeping operations.

Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien speaks at the meeting.

Particularly, the decree includes five chapters and 13 clauses regulating missions, rights, and ranks of commanders of the Vietnamese Peacekeeping Force at the UN Mission. The document also regulates colors and signs to identify weapons and equipment, which are used for task implementation at the UN Mission and during domestic training activities.

The drafted decree also mentions the process of sending, withdrawing, and replacing forces participating in UN peacekeeping operations.

Speaking at the event, General Chien praised the efforts of the compilation board and relevant agencies and units over the past time. He asked the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations to work with relevant agencies and units to revise and highly valued the draft document based on opinions at the meeting.

The draft document will be sent to different levels to collect comments before submitting it to the Prime Minister for approval.

Translated by Tran Hoai