The trainees come from the level-2 field hospital, Institute for Traumatology and Orthopedics under Military Hospital 175, An Sinh Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City 115 Emergency Center, and the air rescue team 2B under Military Hospital 175.

Australian experts sharing experience with Vietnamese trainees 

During the course, the trainees will be provided with skills such as, emergency response plan-making, first aid, emergency aid in case of bleeding and injuries, how to bandage a wound, put a tourniquet on a patient to stop the bleeding, evaluate a patient’s condition, flight medicine, how to fly patient by helicopters and fixed wing.

Apart from theories, the trainees will deal with simulated situations to improve their adaptation to reality.

Via the course, Vietnamese trainees are hoped to gain more experiences in air and road rescue in the safest way.

Translated by Mai Huong