Vietnam’s first tank crew, including chief of the crew Major Vuong Van Xep, gunner non-commissioned Captain Phan Anh Tuan, and driver non-commissioned Lieutenant Chu Van Tung, entered their competition with the rivals from Venezuela, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The first Vietnamese tank crew destroys four targets in first qualifying round.

The Vietnamese tank crew completed their task, destroying four targets out of five and finishing the race after 34 minutes 53 seconds. Meanwhile, crews from the Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan destroyed all five targets and finished the race after 25 minutes 57 seconds, and 25 minutes and 18 seconds, respectively. The Venezuela rivals destroyed only one target and finished their competition after 47 minutes 5 seconds.

They try their best to finish the race.

The final result will be announced after a meeting held at the end of August 13 (local time).

Many Vietnamese supporters are present at the event.

This year’s “Tank biathlon” event attracts the participation of 21 contingents, divided into two groups. The first group consists of teams from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Venezuela, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia, while the second group draws Abkhazia, Armenia, Zimbabwe, Iran, Laos, Mali, Myanmar, Syria, Sudan, Tajikistan, and South Ossetia.

During the Army Games 2022, teams in Group 1 will compete in the qualifying round to select top eight to enter the semi-final round and then the best four for the final round. Meanwhile, those in Group 2 should only join a round-robin format for the next stages.

They finish the race after 34 minutes 53 seconds.

The Vietnamese Tank contingent taking part in the Army Games 2022 includes four crews. On August 16 and 20, the second and third crews will compete in the qualifying round. 

Translated by Minh Anh