At Alabino training ground in Moscow, Russia, the Friendship House, where activities of participating “Army of Culture” contingents take place, was officially open to the public. This year, the space has attracted the participation of 21 teams from different countries, including Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, and Vietnam, among others.

At Vietnam's booth, foreign visitors can taste Vietnamese specialties.

At the stall of the Vietnamese contingent, international visitors have an opportunity to taste Vietnamese specialties, including mut (candied fruits), o mai (salted or sugared dried fruits), green bean cake and tea, and make Dong Ho folk paintings. Through documents, photos and items showcased at the event, they also learn more about Vietnam’s history, culture, landscapes, people and military.

Within a day, the stall of the VPA’s “Army of Culture” Contingent at the Friendship House attracted more than 1,000 visitors.

At the shooting range of Forish Military Base in Uzbekistan, middle medical personnel and drivers of participating military medical contingents took part in AK-74 assault rifle shooting exercise.

In the AK-74 firing exercise for middle female medical personnel, each team has three members, and their ranks are defined by the sum of points of two best shooters. After the exercise, Vietnamese teams ranked the second out of seven participating teams, scoring 344 points. More especially, Vietnamese Non-commissioned Captain Nguyen Thu Hien excellently scored 178 points, ranking the fourth out of 21 competitors.

In the exercise for male medical personnel and drivers, the Vietnamese team ranked the fifth out of eight participating countries.

In the Makarov gun shooting exercise for military doctors, Lieutenant Hoang Van Than scored 171 points, ranking the second out of 17 participating male doctors, while Captain Nguyen Thi Nhu Trang finished the exercise for female doctors in the fourth place with 173 points.

On August 24, doctors of the VPA’s medical contingent will demonstrate their professional skills in a simulation center.

On the same day, the “Field Kitchen” contest also kicked off at Forish Military Base with the “Master Class” festival during which participating teams, including the VPA’s Field Kitchen Contingent, introduced festival goers to their countries’ traditional dishes and culinary arts.

At Seltsy training ground in Russia, all members of the VPA’s “Tactical Shooter” Contingent passed all qualifying tests of the “Tactical Shooter” contest to compete in “Single Shooter,” “Group,” and “Duel” stages.

In Isfahan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the VPA’s contingent finished in the fourth place in the first stage of “Competition on maintenance of 122 mm towed howitzer D 30A” event of the “Gunsmith Master” contest of the Army Games 2021.

Meanwhile, the host country Kazakhstan introduced all participating teams to Zhambyl training ground where events of the “Masters of Artillery Fire” contest will take place and answered all queries related to the competition’s regulations. Also on the day, members of the VPA’s Artillery Contingent practiced using 120-mm mortars 2B11. 

Reported by Ngoc Thu and Dinh Hung from Moscow, Russia

Translated by Tran Hoai