Several competitions of the Army Games 2021 were launched with initial matches on August 22.

Particularly, the “Sea Cup” Contest kicked off at the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy in Vladivostok city, the Russian Federation. As planned, the contest will take place from August 23 to 27. The closing and awarding ceremony will be held on August 29.

At the opening ceremony

Also on August 22, at Korla Military Training Base in Xinjiang, the host China opened the “Safe Environment,” “Clear sky,” and “Suvorov attack” event in the framework of the Army Games 2021. The Vietnamese Chemical Contingent will compete in the first stage of “Individual Race” on August 25, the second stage of “Fire training” on August 29, and the third stage of “Relay” on August 31.

An overview of the ceremony

The opening ceremony of the “Gunsmith Master” Contest of the Army Games 2021 took place in Isfahan, the Islamic Republic of Iran on August 22. The Vietnamese contingent is to compete with the Russian competitors in their first competition named “Maintenance of the 122 mm towed howitzer D 30A” on August 23.

The contests of “Confident Reception,” “Sniper Frontier” and “Polar Star” within the framework of the Army Games 2021 were kicked off in Brest city, the Republic of Belarus. Twenty-one members of the Vietnamese Signal Contingent will compete with competitors from eight other teams in the “Confident Reception” contest.

Delegation of the Vietnam People's Army at the event

The “True Friend” Contest was officially opened on August 22 with the participation of five teams from Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Algeria, and Vietnam, together with three female teams of Russia, Uzbekistan and Algeria.

As scheduled, the service dog training team of the Vietnam People’s Army will compete in their first competition named “Dog Biathlon – Individual Race” on August 23.

Translated by Trung Thanh