The mission was led by Senior Colonel Mac Duc Trong, Deputy Director of the VNDPKO, Chief of the Engineering Company Rotation 1, and commanding officer of the Vietnamese forces in UNISFA.

Advance mission of Engineering Company Rotation 1 on the way to UNISFA

Vietnamese officers at UNISFA since February have made thorough preparation for the reception of the advance mission, including a reception ceremony, transport of the mission’s staff to the temporarily-stationed place in UNISFA, and guarantee of logistic and technical supplies for the mission on first days at the U.N. mission.

As scheduled, the advance mission will take over the barracks in UNISFA, cooperate with other UNISFA’s affiliated agencies to receive equipment shipped from Vietnam to the U.N. mission, and prepare for the official reception of 156 members of the Engineering Company Rotation 1 who are going to take on duties at UNISFA in this May.

The mission arrives in Abyei.

Earlier a see-off ceremony for the Engineering Company Rotation 1 and Level-2 Field Hospital Rotation 4 to be deployed to UNISFA and the U.N. Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) was held on April 27 in Hanoi.

Among 184 members of the Engineering Company Rotation 1, 21 are women. The company is tasked with conducting humanitarian assistance activities, assisting U.N. peacekeeping missions in performing duties of peacekeeping and reconstruction, and bringing a peaceful life to people in African countries.

The engineering company’s major missions are doing surveys, maintaining, repairing and upgrading main and backup transport routes; repairing and restoring field runways; preparing and maintaining bases-connection routes, building helipads. In addition, the Vietnamese engineers have to check and fix traffic problems, ensure smooth traffic for U.N. convoys and relief transport; repair and upgrade U.N. bases; build new front-line base at U.N. company-level, to name but a few.

Vietnam’s Engineering Company Rotation 1 is also responsible for providing humanitarian assistance to the local community and perform the tasks assigned by the leaders of the Ministry of National Defense and the VNDPKO as well.

Translated by Mai Huong