Customers experiencing Viettel's services

On the occasion, the program will be implemented at other member companies of Viettel, including Viettel Telecom, Viettel Media, Viettel Import-Export Limited Company, and Vietel Post. Gradually, it will be expanded to all members of Viettel Group.

Customers using services of Viettel’s member companies will have points credited to their Viettel++ accounts, they can then use the points to buy other services provided by Viettel’s member companies and partners.

Launched on June 18, 2019, Viettel++ is the group’s first customer care program allowing customers to collect points from different services without signing up. The customers can accumulate points from their transactions to upgrade their membership and enjoy more privileges from Viettel++.

A Viettel representative stressed that, as part of the group’s digital transformation plan, the program has improved the quality of their customer care service.

Translated by Song Anh