To complete the assignment, the Party Committee had to direct the Party organizations of its affiliates to organize their Party congresses early in preparation for the 10th Party Congress of the group. At the same time, the Party Committee of Viettel seriously studied its business and production plans and drew up a roadmap for the group’s development as well as its strategy for digital transformation and digitalization in the next five years and the following years.


Carefully selecting candidates for next term Party committee

As soon as being assigned to organize its Party Congress, the Party Committee of Viettel started to discuss preparation work for the important event. The group’s leaders considered the assignment as both an honor and responsibility of the group as it could take this chance to comprehensively review the group’s management, business, and production activities in the past and outline an overall development strategy for not only the next five years, but many years to come.

By the end of the first half of 2019, the Viettel Party Committee had finished all craft documents for the 10th Party Congress of the group. It then directed Party organizations of the groups’ affiliates to study and give opinions of the documents as well as to make preparations for their Party congresses.

During the preparations for Party congresses at all levels within the group, Party committees of the 2015-20 term focused on carefully making the lists of candidates to be elected at Party congresses to the Party committees for the 2020-25 term, in line with the instructions and regulations of the CMC and Secretariat of the Party Central Committee.

According to the Viettel Party Committee, all processes of selecting candidates for Party committees of the 2020-25 term at Party organizations of the group’s affiliates were implemented in a democratic, transparent, and proper manner. While making the lists of candidates for the next term, Party committees of Viettel’s affiliates also focused on young and female cadres who have excellent professional expertise, high credibility and leadership capacity, and who have made large contributions to their units’ development in past years. The way to select candidates for Party committees of the 2020-25 term at Viettel’s subordinate units could be a good reference for other military-run firms.

Although Viettel is a large business, it is still a military unit. As a result, it is not run by a Board of Directors or Board of Members, all of its operations must put under the leadership of its Party Committee. Thus, the Party congresses are especially important as they will elect Party committees to lead the group and its affiliates to implement the plans and objectives set by the congresses.

Snatching new opportunity

Regarding the new contents in the draft documents for the 10th Party Congress of Viettel, leaders of the group’s political agency said that the draft documents include major guidelines and strategic visions on the group’s development in the next five years.

In fact, the documents have been carefully prepared. From October 2019, Viettel started crafting the draft documents. Viettel is now in the new development period, which requires it to have a new strategy to catch new opportunities and overcome new challenges coming from a changing world. During the drafting of the documents, top Viettel leaders had numerous meetings, thoroughly discussing each issue. The draft documents were then discussed among key cadres of the group and its affiliates to define major missions, objectives, development strategy, and solutions for the group and each affiliate in the next five years and the following years. 

While drafting documents for its upcoming Party Congress, the Viettel Party Congress studied and cited the keynote speech made by the Prime Minister at a ceremony to mark the 30th founding anniversary of the group in June 2009. In his remarks, the Prime Minister demanded that Viettel take the lead in Industry 4.0. Especially, he tasked the group to be a pioneer in the national digital transformation. It should participate in digital transformation projects of the Government, agencies, organizations and firms, and invest in research and development of 5G technologies and infrastructure serving the development of Industry 4.0.

Viettel was also requested to develop a hi-tech defense industry, produce electronic devices and telecommunication equipment, and build a modern telecommunication network.

In fact, as soon as the Fourth Industrial Revolution started in 2018, Viettel issued a vision on the fourth phase of its development. Accordingly, the group has acknowledged the mission of developing a digital economy and building a digital society. To this end, it tries first to build itself as a digital-technology-based firm. At the same time, it participates actively in the national digital transformation process, the Government’s digital transformation projects, as well as supported other firms in digital transformation. Second, Viettel aims at providing important digital services for both domestic and international clients. Third, the group will boost the three hi-tech industries of telecommunications, defense industry, and network security, contributing to developing Vietnam into a digital nation and protecting national security and sovereignty in both physical and cyber spaces.

The above-mentioned vision was once again discussed thoroughly by the group’s Party Committee and parts of the vision have been added to the draft documents of the upcoming Party Congress as important missions and objectives for the group to fulfill in the next five years.

Translated by Thu Nguyen