In the past term of 2015-2020, the Party Committee of Viettel directed its affiliates to effectively carry out business activities with high annual growth rates, maintaining the group’s top position in the telecommunication industry.

By the end of 2020, Viettel’s annual revenue is estimated to have reached VND 264 trillion (about USD 11.345 billion), increasing by 18.5% compared to that at the beginning of the term. For five years of the term, Viettel has created a value of VND 1.5 million billion (nearly USD 64.46 billion), equal to the whole budget collection of Vietnam in 2019. In the past term, Viettel has helped integrate telecommunications and information technology into every aspect of life, resulting in the second boom in the telecommunication and information technology sector.

Deputy Defense Minister Sr. Lt. Gen. Tran Don speaking at the event

For the past five years, Viettel has also gradually established a high-tech foundation based on the two spear-heads of high technologies and electronic-telecom technologies. The group has carried out research and development activities and mastered more than 40 lines of products in 10 systems of weapon and military equipment. Viettel has pro-actively studied and built up cyber-space supervision, management and warfare tools for the sake of protecting users and the national digital sovereignty. The group has also focused its investment on AI technologies for application to various areas.

In the 2020-2025 term, Viettel aims to shift itself from a telecom service provider into a digital service provider and increase revenue from new products and services provided on digital platforms, maintaining its top place in the telecom and information technology realm in the whole country. Moreover, it will also be the core force to serve the building of hi-tech complexes with a focus laid on weapon and military equipment research and development and hybrid products, better combining defense and socio-economic and cultural development.

Addressing the congress, Sr. Lt. Gen. Tran Don highly valued the mission accomplishment of the Party Committee of Viettel over the past time. He stressed that the group is at present a successful and most effective model of combining the implementation of defense missions and economic development. The deputy defense minister requested that the group promote achievements and further develop new business models and new technologies, making contribution to the country’s overall socio-economic development.

Translated by Huu Duong