Viettel’s Deputy General Director Maj. Gen. Nguyen Thanh Nam

Viettel’s leader said that in Viettel's apparatus, young employees are highly qualified and always serve as a vanguard force in task performance. They are always determined to overcome difficulties and ready to undertake and complete many difficult tasks assigned by the military group.

Confronting challenges has helped them draw on their intelligence, bravery, scientific research capacity, and ability of mastering technology to create outstanding projects to raise Viettel's brand and position, which has been built over the past 33 years.

These efforts of young employees and their contribution to the development of Viettel have been acknowledged and highly appreciated by the group’s leaders who always expect that young people will show their aspiration, creativity, and innovation to deserve to be the leading pillar in the group's task performance in the coming time.

Recalling difficulties confronting Viettel’s young employees in the past, Major General Nguyen Thanh Nam said that young people now have more favorable conditions to integrate and get their work done quickly and more easily. Thanks to rich sources of documents, the Internet, and assistance from others, young employees have more opportunities to enrich their knowledge and access to new technologies easily.   

Viettel's Youth Union members and youths at a congress

Since young employees account for more than 70% of the group's workforce, Major General Nguyen Thanh Nam emphasized that they are the key force in carrying out business and research missions and pioneers in working in markets, contributing to building Viettel into a technology industry group. He complimented Viettel’s young personnel on their activeness, creativity, discipline, and straightforwardness.

According to the leader of Viettel, one of the important rights of Viettel’s young people is the right to experience. Since Viettel often pioneers in doing new, difficult, and unprecedented tasks, its young personnel are free to experience and be creative.

General Nam said that the group allows and creates favorable conditions for young people to have new experience by entrusting them with difficult tasks and setting high goals to push them find breakthrough solutions. He added that on the way to creating new breakthroughs, young people will break their limits. 

Major General Nguyen Thanh Nam and Viettel's youngsters

Major General Nguyen Thanh Nam said that Viettel has embarked on the fourth stage of development with targets of becoming the country’s leading group, successfully carrying out digital transformation, and being a pioneer in creating a digital society and a key unit in building a high-tech defense industry complex. He emphasized the need to entrust missions to young employees, who are well trained and have good adaptability skills.

Currently, 11% of Viettel’s managers are members of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and young people. This number proves Viettel’s strong youth empowerment. The group has been creating new sectors and jobs and empower young employees, based themselves on their strengths and abilities, General Nam said. 

He added that Viettel’s Board of Directors will further empower young people and believe that they will be active in work and create more values to contribute to the development of Viettel.

Translated by Tran Hoai