Inventors operating vOCS system

Viettel’s invention was developed to help disperse data randomly and evenly to each microprocessor, thus increasing its processing efficiency and reducing response time when changing the system configuration.

The “Method of random data division in multi-processor distributed systems” has been successfully applied by Viettel to building a real-time billing system-vOCS. It helps solve the problem of allocating and storing data in the vOCS system, contributing to increasing information processing speed by 5 times while meeting the very high demand for subscriber capacities with hundreds of millions of customers and hundreds of thousands of transactions. 

Nguyen Vu Ha, Director General of the Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation, said that Viettel has for a long time paid attention to studying core platforms and technologies to shape its products and started manufacturing some for domestic units.  Since 2017, the military business has standardized its manufacturing process in line with the international standard and exported its first products to foreign markets. 

The distributed data structure of the vOCS system also allows the simultaneous backup of data on many network nodes and clusters to ensure the stability and reliability of the system. This system has proved its effectiveness as it has never made any mistake related to Viettel's billing system for over 170 million subscribers in 11 countries.

With the application of the invention, the vOCS helps telecom operators provide its customers a package with a much shorter Time-To-Market time than other systems with the same functions. It also allows those operators to expand their system and save their budgets without affecting other services. 

Translated by Tran Hoai