VHT’s inventions are the “Dual-polarized wide-bandwidth antenna” which offers an antenna with a compact structure and a bandwidth wide enough for high-speed information processing, and “High magnification MWIR continuous zoom system” which ensures image quality with high contrast in even harsh weather conditions and in a distance of dozens of kilometers.

With these newly-recognized patents, VHT had five inventions granted with USPTO’s exclusive patents in 2021, increasing its U.S.-protected patents to eight. 2021 was regarded as a fruitful year of VHT with more registrations and domestically- and internationally-recognized patents.

VHT has five inventions granted with USPTO’s exclusive patents in 2021.

With eight exclusive patents recognized by USPTO, VHT has become the Vietnamese high-tech enterprise with the most patents protected in the U.S., covering the military, civil and telecommunications fields.

Since 2017, VHT has had nearly 300 patent registrations for its inventions. The National Office of Intellectual Property under the Ministry of Science and Technology has granted 39 patents and 19 useful solutions.

According to the National Office of Intellectual Property, Viettel was the group with the highest number of patent applications in Vietnam last year. In 2021 alone, VHT sent 66 patent registrations to the office. Attentively, in early this January, VHT’s 17 patent registrations, including five patents exclusively protected in the U.S., have been accepted.

Nguyen Vu Ha, VHT General Director, said that the U.S.-protected patents are evidence to ensure the success of the enterprise when entering the international market. Ha added that these technological solutions are new, practical, and highly applicable, which could solve existing technical limitations in the registered fields.

Translated by Mai Huong