It has been the second time that the group changed its brand identities since 2004.

Viettel’s Acting Chairman and Acting General Director Major General Le Dang Dung speaks at the event.

Speaking at the event, Viettel’s Acting Chairman and Acting General Director Major General Le Dang Dung stressed that the release of new brand identities is part of the group’s business plan to promote activeness, creativeness, and modernity as well as build the group into a leading provider of digital services in the country.

Through 2020, Viettel has established six basic mainstays of a digital society, including digital infrastructure, digital solutions, digital contents, digital finance, cyber security and high-tech industrial production research.

Be releasing new brand identities, Viettel continues to reaffirm its core values, namely ”Caring” and “Innovative”, while adding the “Passionate” value to its brand name.

All three core values are crystallized by Viettel in one word expressing the brand philosophy of "Diversity - resonance makes a difference".

Viettel's new red logo reflects its youthfulness, desires, passions and dynamism. This also symbolizes the national flag color, national pride, strength and the pioneering of the Viettel brand. In terms of design, the new logo has no quotation marks surrounding the word “Viettel” and develops into an electronic conversation framework to preserve the spirit of respect, listening to and serving people. The shape of the logo is simplified and uses lower case writing to show openness and friendliness.

Meanwhile, Viettel’s slogan conveys a message that encourages each person to be more creative and self-confident, and together creating better values for life.

Translated by Chung Anh