Viettel Group’s leaders at the signing ceremony

Under this MoU, smart classrooms will be developed with the combination of Viettel's K12Online education management platform and the products, tools and services of Google for Education in order to develop a strong digital education ecosystem in Vietnam. Students will improve their activeness, personalize learning experiences, and have opportunities to make the best use of learning resources in cyberspace. The combination is expected to help narrow the education gap among regions.

The two sides will also bring in a new cloud computing business model which is developed on the basis of taking advantage of Viettel Cloud’s strengths in infrastructure and data center and Google Cloud Platform to provide suitable solutions to meet specific demands of Vietnamese market and customers. Individuals and businesses can feel secure that their data are effectively protected, meeting the Government's information security standards and international security.

The signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding with Viettel and Google as signatories

The two sides will also make use of artificial intelligence (AI) to develop useful solutions for the Vietnamese market. Virtual (AI) assistants in the Vietnamese language serving the needs of each customer group will be trained accurately and intelligently. Viettel and Google plan to co-host AI-related seminars to promote this technology in Vietnam.

The partnership opens up a promising cooperation future for the two businesses to speed up the digital transformation in Vietnam.

Translated by Mai Huong