The strategic cooperation will create an opportunity for both countries to take full advantage of joint strength and explore business chance in global community.

At the signing ceremony

Accordingly, Viettel High Tech will become the WB Group’s product introduction and distribution channel in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and South Asia where Viettel has affirmed its position in this field. Meanwhile WB Group’ WB Electronics will also become channel for Viettel High Tech to expand business in Poland, Europe and in the global high-tech equipment supply chain.

The cooperation between the two leading technology corporations in Vietnam and Poland would satisfy both sides to build mutual product ecosystem, promote business of each other in potential markets and across diverse distribution channels.

Viettel's booth at the exhibition

Viettel can research, design, produce and distribute leading technology solutions in Southeast Asia and South Asia markets, taking full advantage of its success in 11 countries, while WB Group holds a leading position in the Polish high-tech market, providing the most technologically advanced military systems in the global market.

According to Viettel High Tech’s General Director Nguyen Vu Ha, the win-win cooperation between Viettel and WB Group help both sides to expand business network globally, bringing new opportunities in the defense technology. In the coming time, “we will further beef up international cooperation so that Viettel could boost the research and development of products,” he added.

Translated by Minh Anh