DIFF 2019 lasting from June 1 till July 6 in the central city of Da Nang is expected to attract a lot of domestic and international tourists.

Viettel tripled its band to ensure best services for customers during the DIFF 2019. 

Viettel predicts that during this year’s festival, the demand for internet connections, including 3G and 4G, at fireworks display spots will be doubled in comparison with that in 2018. Especially, the use of 4G service to watch and upload photos, videos and live-stream events will increase by more than 2.5 times.

Since early this May, Viettel has deployed four more mobile transmitter vehicles, installed ten wifi routers and hundreds of small data transmission devices. Attentively, Viettel’s branch in Da Nang has been exploiting many 4G transmitting stations with 2100MHz band to increase the speed of 4G network connection.

Ha Minh Tuan, Deputy Director-General of Viettel Networks, emphasized that ensuring the quality of network connections and services during DIFF 2019 is Viettel’s responsibility. Viettel commits to bringing best experiences to its customers during the festival.

At DIFF 2019, Viettel will apply Viettel SON (Self Optimization Network) using big data analytics for the first time to automatically optimize its network quality.

Viettel estimates that each night of DIFF 2019 will attract some 140,000 people and half of them might be Viettel’s subscribers.

Translated by Mai Huong