2022 was the first year Viettel was operated under the management of a new generation of leaders. Senior Colonel Cao Duc Thang took office as Chairman and General Director of the group. The chains-of-command of the group’s affiliates had more young cadres.

Attentively, last year, Viettel's production and business activities maintained growth amidst complicated developments in COVID-19 pandemic and global economy.

Overseas revenue in telecoms reaches over VND 70 trillion (nearly USD 3 billion)

Senior Colonel Tao Duc Thang, Viettel Group’s Chairman and General Director

Last year, Viettel’s revenue growth was 6.1%. The group’s pre-tax profit was up to VND 43.1 trillion, an increase of 3% against 2021. The corporation contributed VND 38 trillion to the State budget, the same as pre-COVID-19 year 2019.

Notably, the group well maintained its major source of revenue from telecoms. It kept holding the No.1 position in Vietnam in mobile service provision with 54% of the market share. The growth rate of Viettel's telecoms service revenue was 1.5 times higher than the world average.

The service revenue in Viettel's overseas investment for the first time reached nearly VND 70 trillion, (equivalent to nearly USD 3 billion), contributing 50% to the telecoms service revenue of the group.

Also in 2022, the group’s overseas remittances to the country were nearly USD 500 million - the highest in the past 5 years. Up to now, Viettel has remitted home nearly 70% of its total overseas investment.

Breakthroughs were seen in digital solutions and services. The group’s revenue from IT solutions increased by 58%. Notably, the number of Viettel Money subscribers increased six times over the years, surpassing 5 million. Viettel Money was also the fastest growing platform in the market in 2022, winning the most prestigious award in the world telecoms and technology industry.

Revenue from IT solutions increases by 58%.

Meanwhile, the group’s TV 360 application reached 10 million monthly users, becoming the largest OTT TV platform in Vietnam. Also, Viettel Cloud, which was debuted on October 14, 2022, was the most diverse cloud computing ecosystem in Vietnam.

Viettel always finds opportunities in difficulties

Together with conducting digital transformation for the education, healthcare, and transport sectors, Viettel has operated Intelligent Operation Centers (IOC) for the authorities of 35 provinces and cities nationwide, and built Information Security Operations Centers (SOC) for 20 provinces and cities.

Viettel has distinguished itself by providing solutions developed and mastered by Vietnamese.

Apart from solution provision, Viettel has become a consulting partner for digital transformation and assessment of digital maturity for organizations and businesses in Vietnam.

In 2022, the military group restructured, optimized products and services in e-commerce and logistics in the direction of increasing investment in technology, improving efficiency, and making differences in customer experience.

In the retail sector, Viettel Store with online sales solutions and in-store experience received high appreciation from customers.

Attentively, in the field of national security and defense, Viettel excellently completed all the tasks assigned by the Party, the Government and the Ministry of National Defense, particularly in research, mastery and manufacture of important strategic weapons, becoming the nucleus of a high-tech defense industrial complex.

Last year, Viettel Aerospace Institute recorded over VND 1 trillion in revenue.

In addition, Viettel's 5G telecoms infrastructure ecosystem ensured the progress set by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Group, bringing Vietnam into the top 5 first countries to master 5G technology.

According to Senior Colonel Tao Duc Thang, the achievements gained in each field and by each unit of Viettel may be different, but the general formula for success was the great aspiration, tireless efforts and never give-up spirit.

The official emphasized Viettel’s unique behavior of always finding opportunities in difficulties, staying ready to face challenges, not saying no to duties. He added that it is the enduring internal strength of Viettel people who are undertaking the mission of “creativity for people."

According to Brand Creativity’s study results, up to 73% of random respondents were using at least one service provided by Viettel. Moreover, 95% of the respondents shared positive feelings when contacting and working with Viettel.

Translated by Mai Huong