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Viettel Group has been shifting itself from a telecoms, information technology provider to a digital service supplier with the aim of creating a digital society.

The group has built the most optimal man-centered technological solutions to meet the demand in each field and suit with conditions of each locality.

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Specifically, Viettel’s e-government ecosystem helps bridge the gap between the people and the government, making it possible for managers to run smart cities. Meanwhile, the Viettel-made medical ecosystem aims to offer private health assistance to each citizen so that they could enjoy life-long and comprehensive healthcare services.

In addition, the educational ecosystem creates prompt connections among involved people, including educational managers, students, their parents, and teachers.

The smart transport ecosystem helps manage the entire transportation network of a city, regulate traffic, and connect vehicles based on Internet-of-things (IoT).

Meanwhile, the smart business ecosystem provides three-layer solutions (infrastructure - administration - specialty) for businesses so that they could conduct digitization comprehensively.

According to Nguyen Thanh Nam, Deputy General Director of Viettel Group, Viettel has advantages of owning the biggest digital infrastructure in Vietnam, mastering the most cutting-edge core technologies, and having high quality personnel. The group pledges to support the government, ministries, and centrally-run agencies and local departments and businesses in accelerating digital transformation.

Nam emphasized that Viettel will back Ho Chi Minh City in realizing its digital transformation objectives and its effort to build a digital economy and digital society.

In the time ahead, Viettel will continue to apply the latest technologies, such as Cloud, IoT, Big Data, AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, to complete and expand ecosystems, creating a digital revolution in every aspect and bring technologies to every corner of life.

Translated by Mai Huong