Ms. Truong Thi Kim Thanh (R) has been working in Viettel Dak Po for over 9 years

The house will be built on an area of 75 sq.m. at a cost of VND 170 million, including VND 90 million from the Youth Union of Viettel Telecom.

In addition, the Youth Union of the Dak Po district mobilized its youths to take part in the construction of the house. The construction is scheduled to be completed and handed over to the family next month.

Ms. Truong Thi Kim Thanh has been working at Viettel Dak Po for over 9 years. Her family has lived in a downgraded house for years.

The big gift from Viettel aims to share difficulties with the family, help them soon stabilize their lives, so the official can work more for her unit.

Viettel Post presents food and necessities to flood-hit localities

* On the same day, Viettel mobilized its staff to donate part of their salary (the total proceeds amount to VND 10 billion) to support flood-hit victims in the Central region.

The group will work with units stationed in flood-hit areas and local authorities to present the donation, including money and necessities, to the victims.

Over the past time, Viettel has sent 1,500 staff to fix its telecom networks, ensuring through communications in the provinces. Viettel’s technicians and workers also took part in search and rescue missions. It also sent transmission cars and satellite telephones to flood-hit areas, assisting disaster relief, search and rescue forces in communications.

In addition, the Viettel Post also presented food and necessities to flood-hit localities.

Earlier, on September 25, Viettel also donated VND 19 billion to build 178 remote medical examination and treatment systems, contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Translated by Khanh Ngan