Viettel accelerates human resource building to serve digital transformation.0 (Photo for illustration)

Viettel has promoted talent management; improved the quality and expanded the excellent digital transformation program to build a contingent of talented people in the fields of information technology, data science and artificial intelligence, and hi-tech industrial research.

The military group has also enhanced training to meet job requirements and planning in its development strategy with priority given to information technology, data science, and science and technology. It has also increased contents and programs aimed at converting and improving digital capacity.

Via building professional and effective recruitment mechanisms and policies, Viettel has attracted leading experts and management staff in Vietnam and the world to work and collaborate.

So far, Viettel has built a comprehensive set of digital transformation technology solutions in many fields and a contingent of high-quality personnel ready to meet the requirements of digital transformation. The group has also built high-quality lecturer resources, staying ready to pioneer in training and spreading knowledge.

Currently, Viettel has 155 internal lecturers, including three doctors and 60 masters of information technology. The rate of digital technology personnel at the parent company accounts for about 30% of the workforce.

Translated by Mai Huong