The complex operates automatically, using self-propelled goods sorting robots (AGV robots), large sorting systems (Wheel Sorter Matrix) and format sorting systems (Cross-belt Sorter). Viettel Post is the first logistics company in Vietnam to deploy AGV robot technology.

Major General Tao Duc Thang speaks at the event.

With more than 40 export/import ports, nearly 1,200 sorting ports, the complex is able to address up to 1.4 million parcels per day, an increase of 40% compared to the past years, contributing to increasing the Viettel Post system’s capacity to 4 million parcels/day, meeting 50% of e-commerce capacity in Vietnam. The error rate of the complex is almost zero, shortening the entire delivery time from eight to ten hours, increasing the output by 3.5 times. Thanks to automation, the complex also helps optimize personnel costs by 60%.

The smart monitoring system includes Digital Twin technology and AI cameras used to control the status of the entire equipment system and cargo exploitation activities, detect and warn about unusual behavior, helping address arising issues as soon as possible.

The complex operates automatically.

The logistics ecosystem includes logistics management software, app/web system, delivery technology solution chain with weight monitoring, smart locks, among others, developed by Vietnamese experts during six months. Meanwhile, big enterprises in the world must spend about two years to develop the same system before putting into use.

Addressing the event, Viettel’s Chairman and General Director Major General Tao Duc Thang underscored that the launching of the complex paved the way for the building of the smart logistics infrastructure in Vietnam.

Translated by Minh Anh