To gain these achievements, Unitel has made continuous changes, engaged in more fields, and updated technologies to take the lead in supporting the Lao government in digital transformation.

The Lao Ministry of Science and Technology has chosen Unitel as an adviser in the building of e-government and smart health system.

In early August of this year, it received two Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards in the categories of “Innovation in Public Administration Services” and “Innovation in Products and Services for Consumers.”

This joint-venture between Vietnam’s Viettel Group and Lao Asia Telecom was chosen by the Lao Ministry of Science and Technology as an adviser in the building of e-government and smart health system. Attentively, agreements signed by Unitel and the Lao Ministry of Science and Technology are in the framework of the Lao national digital transformation strategy.

Additionally, it has handed over the civil status management program to the Lao Ministry of Home Affairs. Under this program, all Lao citizens-related data is stored in a software system, which helps improve the capacity of managing citizens-related data and reduces administrative procedures. This is the first time this Southeast Asian country has applied an e-civil status management system.

In terms of e-payment, Unitel is the first and only company that the Bank of the Lao P.D.R. has allowed to deploy Mobile Money service in Laos. This e-payment service offers safe and fast transaction solutions for more than 6 million people in the country. The turnover from this service is expected to make up 30-50 percent of Unitel’s telecoms turnover in the future.

According to Unitel General Director Luu Manh Ha, Unitel has potential to further develop in Laos. He affirmed that he hopes that the company will gain more trust from the host country in its digital transformation process. 

Translated by Mai Huong