As statistics show, Vietnam is a country with highest growth rate in spending on cloud computing in the period of 2010-2016 (64.4% per year), much higher than the average annual rate of ASEAN (49.5%). By 2018, Vietnam has earned 41/100 points and become the 14th country in the ranking of cloud service coverage among countries. This fact has proven that the cloud computing model has become popular and started to dominate the traditional information technology model. In the future, the application of this model in Vietnam is forecast to develop and vary more vigorously.

However, the real spending on cloud computing in Vietnam remains low, standing at just USD 1.7 in 2016, 107 times lower than that of Singapore; 6.5 times lower than that of Malaysia; 2.4 times lower than that of Thailand and 1.3 times lower compared to that of the Philippines.

During the symposium

The spending on cloud computing in Vietnam shows that the demand remains very high for this sector in the future, for huge advantages it can bring. According to an analysis of the survey conducted by Viettel IDC, when using private cloud services, enterprises may save up to 40% of initial investment capital, reduce the time of implementation by 4 - 6 weeks and remove all cost and staff for operating and maintaining the system.

Addressing the symposium, Viettel IDC Director Nguyen Tien Dung said that when it comes to Industry 4.0, people mention the four elements of cloud computing, IoT, Big Data, and AI, of which cloud computing is the foundation that any of the AI, IoT or Big Data applications must rely on.

Cloud computing is considered the foundation of the house of Industry 4.0. Therefore, Viettel has decided to invest big in cloud computing, not only for its need to take the lead in Industry 4.0, but also for creating a 4.0 foundation for the society in general as Viettel did in the realm of telecommunications previously. A strong cloud computing foundation will be the primary basis for the development of Industry 4.0 in Vietnam in the coming years.

As forecast by Viettel IDC, in the next two or three years, cloud computing will boom and become one of the important factors for the development of Industry 4.0 in Vietnam. Viettel IDC is the first domestic business to offer cloud services and captures the biggest share in the cloud computing market (23%) with more than 3,000 clients using its services. The annual growth rate reaches 100%. Viettel IDC is now the only domestic business in Vietnam to be granted with the certificate to be an enterprise service provider, the only one now to provide the full eco-system of services, including computing, networking, storage, security, management, data restoration, and other services.

Almost all big businesses and organizations in Vietnam and a lot of world-class businesses, especially those providing digital services, have their cloud data stored at Viettel IDC.

Translated by Huu Duong