According to Senior Captain Trang, nearly 30 percent of Viettel’s personnel are women. Female managers make up nearly 40 percent of the group’s contingent of leaders while women holding high positions in Viettel’s affiliated agencies account for nearly 22 percent. These are impressive figures!

That is the reason why Viettel’s women are called superwomen, Trang added. She elaborated that in a highly-intensive workplace like Viettel where work, position arrangement and assignment of difficult jobs are made regardless of genders, Viettel’s female personnel always exert their all-out efforts, strive to affirm their roles, even implement tasks which seem to be only for men, and contribute their part to the strong development of the group.

Senior Captain Vu Thi Quynh Trang (second from right) presents gifts to representatives of the visiting delegation of women officers of the Lao People’s Armed Forces. The photo was taken in September 2018.

As Trang said, it is the highly-intensive workplace that women’s dynamism and innovation are brought into play. In addition, it is the equality at work that urges female personnel to acquire more knowledge, improve their professional competence, try their best to show their capacity and outstandingly complete all assignments.

In Viettel, women’s unions at all levels have effectively performed their roles. They have opened a number of training courses to provide their members with necessary skills at work and in life, update them with latest information about the national renewal process, the group’s development strategies, and help them gradually master new scientific and technological advances. Moreover, the women’s unions have fostered and nominated various competent members with good virtues to high positions in the group and its affiliates.

Trang added that she is lucky to work for Viettel whose leaders often create favorable conditions for their officials and employees to bring into play their capabilities. Furthermore, her colleagues always consider one another their family members; therefore, they provide mutual support at work and even in daily life.

For Viettel’s female personnel, along with high sense of responsibility and devotion at work, they know how to keep the fire of love at home, enjoy time with their families, and know how to balance social work and housework. Thus, they are able to fulfill assigned tasks at work and complete their noble responsibility as wives and mothers at home.

Translated by Mai Huong