Excellent personnel in Viettel’s way

The most excellent personnel are those who best fulfill their jobs. In the same organization with the same assigned tasks and the same working conditions, those who accomplish their jobs are the most excellent.

Exemplary personnel can be assessed comprehensively in terms of both professional capabilities and personal qualities. In reality, the recruitment and training of excellent people are part of the strategy and ambition of all countries, organizations and businesses. Learning the important role of human resources in development, the Party and State of Vietnam have promulgated various directives and resolutions on human resource education and training. In fact, spending on education and training often accounts for 20% of the State budget expenditure.


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In the realm of business operation, enterprises always try hard in finding and recruiting talents with special policies and mechanisms. Viettel also pays special attention to this work. Along the course of 30 years of development of the group, it has always prioritized policies attracting talented people.

Viettel has implemented a wide range of policies to retain its talented personnel while attracting others to the group. For example, the staffs’ salaries are decided based on pre-salary revenues, or the flat rate of 50% salary fund is assigned to branches to encourage them to continuously create new values.

In order to do demanding jobs, Viettel has to gather the most excellent people. Therefore, finding talented people and those capable of solving the development questions of Viettel is the most important task for all units in the group. Viettel can only become the best when it has the best people working for it.

Challenges attract talented people

At Viettel, a unit’s excellent leader must be at the same time a leader, a manager and an expert. These leaders when closely following the operation of the units help build strong organizations and serve as mirrors for subordinates to follow. Major General Nguyen Manh Hung, former Director General of Viettel, once said, “Excellent people find excellent people. They make a network. When the leader is an excellent person, he can attract other talented workers to his unit. One of the features of an excellent leader is to know how to find and recruit excellent people for his unit. Excellent leaders find highly demanding jobs, and demanding jobs, in turn, serve as a magnet that attracts talented people.

That is the reason why the Party Committee and Board of Directors of Viettel have always focused on implementing the training policy to find out most excellent people. By assigning demanding jobs to subordinates, the group can challenge and foster a contingent of succeeding employees. In other words, each commanding officer must be responsible for finding and training his successor.

In its strategy, apart from promoting self-study and self-training movement under the motto of “Viettel people capable of working globally,” Viettel pays special attention to implementing policies to attract talents. The question is what to do to make most excellent people thoroughly understand the traditional and cultural values of Viettel and to make them stay faithful to Viettel?

That is a poser requiring Viettel to exercise policies to keep talented people with the group, prevent “brain drain” and strategically manage its apparatus in a unique and fresh manner. Another immediate issue posed to Viettel is the screening of its staff. In order to avoid falling behind, the group must strictly carry out the selection of staff in line with the rules of the market economy. In the face of Industry 4.0, staff screening has become even more important.

The impacts of Industry 4.0 have been shown in the implication of automation in various business and production operations of Viettel, requiring the group to indispensably screen its staff in line with increasingly more demanding criteria at work. This fact makes every Viettel staff member improve their capabilities, break their own limits and expand their own operation space.

Excellent staff members do not come easily. They can only be found and trained to be excellent through practical operation of the group. It is not super-hard to become an exceptional member of staff at Viettel. The group believes that each and every staff member can become excellent when they have ambitions and passions and exercise efforts beyond their normal capacity in their work. The company’s staff deeply understand the fact that even the most excellent people can become incapable ones if they think they are the best and refuse to take in others’ ideas. Those that seek out excellent people to learn from their experience and knowledge will surely become the best.

In order to become exceptional employees, they must now learn from real work, taking knowledge and experience through dealing with everyday jobs, especially the most demanding ones. That is what has been drawn and checked in reality at Viettel. In the information technology field, to become excellent, employees have to learn via more than one language. They must be good at foreign languages and programming languages. They must also have economic thinking and know how to take in knowledge from the unlimited source of the Internet.

Previously, the efficiency in solving problems was the key to finding talents. However, the criteria have now changed. The most excellent people are those that find out problems and important issues. At present, Viettel is in need of those who can find the most demanding jobs and solve problems in order to boost productivity for fast and sustainable development.

Translated by Huu Duong