Viettel believes that the path of development is not normal with normal goals and normal work. Therefore, Viettel’ emulation drives aim at the highest targets and the completion of the most demanding jobs.

Viettel is the first mobile network operator to deploy 5G service in Vietnam.

“The most demanding jobs” mean the most challenging assignments and tasks, but everyone must try their best and put forth their highest efforts in doing these tasks. These are tasks that test the staff’s capacity to break their limits. It means that challenges are set for the staff to conquer and move forward.

No demanding jobs, no talents

Viettel follows one guideline: Only the impossible can create an excellent and unique Viettel. Viettel exists to do the most demanding, most demanding, and seemingly impossible jobs.

Born a small company engulfed with numerous difficulties, Viettel deeply understands that only most demanding jobs are left for it and it has accepted the challenge, and is determined to embark on the paths that no one wants to follow and find the driving force for development through those demanding jobs. When dealing with demanding jobs, people have to find new measures, ideas, initiatives and, therefore, find new directions, new methods and new markets. It is the very challenges that Viettel has had to cope with that have helped the group learn and thrive.

The staff of Viettel is ever-ready to accept challenges and overcome difficulties. They have worked hard to bring network coverage to remote areas, border and mountainous areas, far-off islands, and far-away countries where the political systems are unstable and hardships, costs, and dangers are significant.

Viettel has always considered difficulties and hard jobs chances for it to further develop, and a launching pad for the group as a whole and its individual employees in particular to tap their hidden potentials.

More than just job fulfillment 

However, there have been signs showing the fact that some personnel have shun creativity and choosing most demanding jobs, as they are afraid of failure.

The group’s Party Committee and leaders have issued a warning that reads: Failing to accept challenges and most demanding jobs is even more dangerous and difficult than doing those very demanding jobs. If Viettel’s personnel are not determined to accept challenges, then anyone in the labor market of more than 90 million people in Vietnam and more than seven billion people worldwide will take them and steal away the group’s chances.

As a result, the Party Committees and leaders at all levels of Viettel have pinpointed the demanding jobs and challenges of the group in each development period, month, quarter, and year. The group has also activated the model “jobs-in-stock” to assign demanding jobs to a particular branch. This aims at testing and boosting the capacity of that branch’s staff.

On the basis of the fulfillment of the demanding jobs, promotion decisions will be made for the branch’s personnel, serving to encourage each individual to successfully complete their tasks.

How to complete demanding jobs

In order to complete the most demanding jobs, the takers have to plan their strategies and devise action plans, which require sound management and leadership. Leaders, therefore, must clearly know the strengths and weaknesses of their employees so that tasks can be assigned appropriately.

In addition, each individual staff member of Viettel must be creative, fearless, and ready to face and overcome failure.

According to the leadership of Viettel group, in a particular sense, the most demanding jobs are most important tasks assigned to the group in general and each individual in particular. They must be determined to do demanding jobs with great effort. The most demanding jobs when fulfilled can have a great impact on the accomplishment of missions, helping increase productivity, business efficiency, and growth. Therefore, all units of Viettel are to define their most demanding jobs and key missions for each development period, each quarter, and each year. The most demanding missions can be added when they arise during mission implementation.

The most demanding jobs of each organization and individual in different periods are not the same and the most demanding jobs of different people are also different. However, at Viettel, organizations and individuals will complete their most demanding jobs when they work beyond their capacity with ceaseless creativity. Finding the most demanding jobs is the rockiest path and the method to generate driving forces for development.

Translated by Huu Duong