For its significant contributions to the socio-economic development and strengthening of the defense-security of Laos, Star Telecom Company has become a highlight in the special relationship between the two countries of Vietnam and Laos in general and the two militaries in particular.

Top telecom service provider

The head office building of Star Telecom - one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital city of Vientiane (Laos), is impressive with its modern look and the professionalism of the working staff inside.

Colonel Bee Mouafaidayiacha, Deputy Director General in charge of administrative and personnel affairs, shared, “It is not by chance that the prime ministers of both countries visited and attended the inauguration of the company’s new office building in February 2018. It shows the attention and acknowledgement of the two countries’ leaders for the company’s contributions to the socio-economic development and defense-security maintenance of Laos.”

Coming into being in 2007, Star Telecom Co., Ltd. started to provide services in 2008 and was officially inaugurated on Decemer 16, 2009 under the brand name of Unitel. At present, Unitel is the top telecommunication service provider in Laos, accounting for 54% of the market-share with more than three million subscribers, posting the annual cumulative revenue of USD 1.35 billion. For nearly 10 years, the company has contributed about USD 490 million to the state budget of Laos, created jobs with stable incomes for more than 1,500 people, more than 3,000 collaborators, and employed more than 20,000 sales workers.


According to Major Tran Huu Hieu, Star Telecom Deputy Director General in charge of technical services, it is more important that Unitel has helped the telecommunications sector of Laos develop vigorously. The company erected more than 6,000 transceiver stations, of which 500 stations have helped about 800,000 people in remote areas have an access to telecommunication services for the first time. With more than 30,000km of optical cable, the company’s services cover 100% of districts while with 143 shops, the distribution system could bring services to remote areas, contributing to narrowing the development gap between rural and urban areas and creating an important driving force for the socio-economic development of Laos.

Business in tandem with social responsibility

For the past 10 years, Star Telecom Company, following its motto “Doing business in tandem with exercising corporate responsibility,” spent more than USD 13 million in total on social work, making important contributions to improving living standards of local people, education quality, maintaining security, and more.

Most remarkably, Unitel is now offering Internet connections to more than 900 schools of Laos, helping local students access a huge source of online knowledge. Unitel also worked with Laos’ Ministry of Education and Ministry of Sports to hold the biggest-ever Online Olympiad for Lao students nationwide and broadcast scientific programs on television.

In terms of defense-security, Star Telecom Company supported Laos’ Ministry of Defense to build a video-conference system for key units. The company has also made various contributions to the building of the Lao e-government and the development of Lao fonts for computers and mobile devices.

In the spirit of “Nothing is older than yesterday’s success,” Star Telecom Company keeps  striving  to further upgrade its infrastructure, boost sales, improve service quality, contribute more to providing solutions in different areas (e-commerce, digital education, entertainment, etc.) and more.

For its significant contributions, Star Telecom Company was awarded with the Second-class Labor Order of the Lao State.

Translated by Huu Duong