At the meeting, the two sides reviewed their cooperation and expressed pleasure at the achievements gained in 2017.

Vietnamese fishing ships. (Photo for illustration)

They also mapped out plans for next year and consequently, they will cooperate in several projects, including studying and comparing Holecene (the current and therefore the most recent geological time-period) sediments of the Red River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, exchanging and studying the management of island and sea environments and in the Gulf of Tonkin and cooperating in releasing breeds and protecting aquaculture resources in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The two sides also discussed the possibility of their cooperation in new projects in the framework of the working group on less sensitive sea-related fields and emphasized that the cooperation should be on the basis of high-level agreements in an equal, mutually-beneficial, pragmatic and effective manner and in line with each side’s resources, contributing to the enhancement of Vietnam-China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

They agreed that Vietnam will host the 11th round of negotiations next year.

Translated by Mai Huong