The program, jointly organized by the Supreme People’s Court and the Cong ly (Justice) Newspaper, was among a series of activities in celebration of the 72nd founding anniversary of the court sector (September 13, 1945).

During the event, audiences enjoyed famous songs in praise of national seas and islands, such as “Country”, “Truong Sa is near”, “The Fatherland calls our names”, “The sea sings this afternoon”, “Putting out to the sea”, “On the far-away island”, “Oath of soldiers stationed on islands” and more.

 An art performance in the event
In his speech, Deputy-Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court Le Hong Quang emphasized numerous activities towards  national seas and islands which have been carried out by the court, people and military courts at all levels over time, adding that this has practically contributed to tightening the close civilian-military ties and to giving timely encouragement to troops in action to defend the national sovereignty over seas and islands, territory, territorial waters and continental shelf.

Justice Quang hoped that the exchange would act as a bridge between the mainland and islands, mainlanders and naval troops and message a token of gratitude from all-level courts’ staff to naval forces and other law enforcement agencies at sea.

Over the years, the Supreme People’s Court has many times visited and presented gifts to naval and coast guard forces, inquired after islanders of Truong Sa island district and handed over scholarships and bikes to children of soldiers serving on the islands.

Exchanging with the audience, Admiral Dang Minh Hai, Deputy-Political Commissar of the Naval Service confirmed that safeguarding the national sovereignty over its seas and islands is the sacred obligation of the Vietnam People’s Army to meet the requirement of upholding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

At the exchange, the organizing panel presented 40 saving books to the families of naval troops facing adversity in life.

Translated by Mai Huong