Over the past five years, the public security force, all-level authorities in Can Tho province received more than 700 valuable information resources and tips related to social order and security, provided by prestigious people of Khmer ethnic group. That has helped reduce the effects of social evils, handle effectively internal disputes and disagreements, and update local authorities on hostile forces’ plots and activities as well as facilitate visits to the country of overseas Vietnamese of Khmer origin. 

The aforementioned outcomes have resulted from the close direction of the Directorate of Can Tho Public Security, the close coordination between district-level public security forces and managers, monks and nuns of pagodas, and good plan-making and implementation related to local security and order.

Individuals receiving certificates at the event

Accordingly, more than 9,000 newsletters and over 12,000 bilingual documents have been compiled and distributed to Khmer people. Besides, more than 37,000 prestigious Khmer people have taken part in over 370 training courses under the motto “Solidarity-Equality-Harmony-Healthy lifestyle-Good deeds”.

Also at the meeting, Superior Buddhist Monk Thich Binh Tam, Permanent-Deputy Head of the Managing Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) of Can Tho city, said that the city is now home to 167 Buddhist establishments with 587 monks and nuns.

Tam added that, to address fake Buddhist monks, the VBS of Can Tho city has further teamed up with the local public security force to prevent bad impacts on the Buddhism’s prestige and reputation and Buddhist followers’ trust.

Highly valuing achievements gained by Buddhist followers in ensuring political security, social order and safety among the Khmer ethnic minority community, Senior Colonel Tran Ngoc Hanh, Can Tho city Public Security’s Director, suggested that Buddhist dignitaries continue to encourage Buddhist followers to live a healthy lifestyle and do good deeds as well as accompany the country under the motto “Religion-Nation-Socialism”.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Public Security, Can Tho Municipal People’s Committee and Can Tho city Public Security presented certificates of merit to collectives and individuals in recognizing their outstanding accomplishments in realizing cooperative regulations on ensuring security and order for the Khmer ethnic minority group in the city.

Translated by Mai Huong