President of the Association for Vietnamese War Veterans in Ukraine Nguyen Van Loan said that while taking part in an annual program, “Xuan Que Huong 2018” (Homeland Spring 2018), in Hanoi on February 7.

The event with the participation of more than 1,000 overseas Vietnamese around the world took place in a happy atmosphere of the first days of a new year. All of the expats were eager to come back to Vietnam and were touched by the warm welcomes of those in the homeland. The Homeland Spring 2018 was a golden opportunity for expats to express their pride for Vietnam’s remarkable development last year when the country achieved and surpassed 13 socio-economic development goals set by the National Assembly. Leaders of the Party, State and Government affirmed that these achievements partly came from efforts of the overseas Vietnamese to enhance the homeland’s prestige around the world.

President Tran Dai Quang and overseas Vietnamese releasing carps.

Expressing delight at his homeland’s recorded results last year, Jonathan Hanh Nguyen, an overseas Vietnamese in the Philippines, showed his belief in further development of Vietnam in the coming times. He was also proud to contribute to the achievements and added it was strong sentiments of patriotism that has urged him to do so.

Believing in the bright future of their homeland, many overseas Vietnamese expressed their aspiration to further contribute to building a prosperous country. Dinh Viet Tung, an intellectual in France said that he was inspired by stories about unity among overseas Vietnamese and their homeland people, the homeland’s proud encouragements for those living abroad with some exemplary people making contributions to the nation. All of these urged him to do something tangible for Vietnam.

Sonny Vu, the technical manager of Fossil Vietnam, said that talented Vietnamese people attracted him to come back to the country which he left when he was five. Fossil Vietnam’s products made by skillful hands of a young Vietnamese workforce are present in 50 markets around the world and impressively they can be found on the shelves of the toughest retail system in the world, Apple’s App Stores. Vu said that Vietnam now has many big opportunities as it is embarking on the fourth industry revolution and stressed that with talented human resources and determination to promote science technology, Vietnam has many chances to contribute to the development of the world. He expected to help more Vietnamese young people to integrate into the world and show their talents.

Jonathan Hanh Nguyen said that over the past time overseas Vietnamese have proved to be good ambassadors. He added that 4.5 million Vietnamese people living abroad are huge resources for Vietnam’s future development as many of them are powerful in finance and are active members of local governments.

Joining the program, Deputy-Chairman of Australia-Vietnam Business Council Le Huu Canh said that each overseas Vietnamese has their own way to make contributions to their homeland. Many people invested in the country, while others conducted scientific research. “As businesspeople, we have been striving to connect Vietnamese and Australian businesses, call upon Australian investors to operate in Vietnam and create favorable condition for the Vietnamese people to invest in Australia,” Canh said.

Recently, under the auspices of Canh, Australian businesses and Lang Son province reached a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in education and training, fresh vegetable production and cattle husbandry. 

In the coming time, the Council will conduct a project on environmental improvement, waste treatment and renewable energy in Vietnam. He hoped that the Vietnamese government will issue open policies to encourage overseas Vietnamese to contribute to the project.

Translated by Tran Hoai