Vietnamese Ambassador to Mozambique Nguyen Van Trung and representatives of Vietnam Embassy in  Mozambique present gifts to Movitel workers.

The embassy’s staff made visits to officers, soldiers and workers of Movitel, a joint venture between Vietnam’s military-run group Viettel and a local company, and organized exchanges between Movitel workers and the local Vietnamese community.

The activities aim to give encouragement to the servicepersons who are working far from home, tighten solidarity among the overseas Vietnamese in Mozambique and consolidate the friendship and cooperation between Vietnamese and Mozambican people.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Mozambique Nguyen Van Trung sent a greeting letter to officials and workers of Movitel and gifts to those working in remote areas of Mozambique.

Movitel, the first joint venture of Viettel in Africa, started operation in May 2012. Since then, it has developed a network of over 2,800 transmission stations and 27,650 km of cable and become Mozambique’s biggest mobile operator.

Source: VNA