* Landslides occurring in Cho Don, Pac Nam and Na Ri districts of Bac Kan province at night, July 11 and on early morning, July 12, caused damage to three houses. Fortunately, no casualties were reported. Fifty eight local militiamen were then mobilized for the consequence relief. Also during that time, 334 people, including 140 militiamen and army troops, were also sent to help locals overcome consequences of flooding cause by prolonged rains in Yen Bai city and Tran Yen district. They have evacuated locals to safe areas while helping them stabilize their life.

* Militiamen of Ha Quang district of Cao Bang province on July 11 helped evacuate two families caught in a flood in Ly village of Noi Thon commune. The same day, 31 militiamen of Chieng Khoa commune, Van Ho district of Son La province and 20 other people searched and found the body of a flood victim. The body was then handed over to the family for funeral.

Military, militia forces are mobilized to help local overcome the consequences of natural disaster. 

* Floods and landslides in Ha Giang province over the past days left three people dead, one missing, one injured and a lot of houses and crops damaged. The losses were estimated to amount to VND 10 billion. The provincial Military Command promptly helped the provincial Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Search and Rescue of Ha Giang mobilize forces to mitigate consequences and allocate food and necessities to disaster-hit people. The military command also proposed preparation, evacuation and search and rescue plans to localities’ Party committees and authorities so that losses could be reduced.

* Meanwhile in the Southern province of Hau Giang, on July 12 afternoon, a devastating landslide (20m in length and 5m in width) occurred on the bank of the Cai Con River in Mai Dam townlet of Chau Thanh district. Fortunately, due to the timely presence and support of forces, the landslide claimed no property and human life. All of the 10 affected households have been evacuated to safe places.

According to Commander of the Chau Thanh district military command Nguyen Thanh Tao, troops of the district military command and militiamen of Mai Dam townlet were mobilized to the scene and would be on guard against bad situations.

In response to the serious situation in the Northern mountainous provinces, the Prime Minister sent an instruction requiring the provinces to continue carrying out measures to keep people safe and provide timely and precise weather information so that local people can stay active in dealing with disasters.

The Central Committee of the Vietnam Red Cross Society (CCVRC) has recently decided to provide financial support for households hit by the floods in Northern mountainous provinces (VND 3 million for households experiencing house collapse and VND 3 million for each person (relatives) dead in floods). Altogether, the CCVRC donated VND 150 million this time. The chapters of the Vietnam Red Cross Society in Ha Giang, Lai Chau and Thai Nguyen provinces also provided support worth VND 27 million.

 According to Chief of the Office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control Van Phu Chinh, heavy rain leading to floods in mountainous areas over the past days left 20 people dead and two others missing. 175 houses were damaged; 52 households had to be evacuated; 519.07ha of rice and 43,32ha of other crops were destroyed; more than a hundred cubic meters of soil collapsed in landslides; three bridges and six drainage systems along provincial and national roads were damaged, blocking traffic in quite a lot of places. The initial damage was estimated to reach VND 28.9 billion. The reasons for the rising number of deaths include the subjectivity of people traveling during flooding and the lack of guards and warnings in dangerous areas.

Translated by Huu Duong