The Octagonal Tower is the first structure in the Southeast Asia covered with the green color of clover, as part of the 2017 Ireland Cultural Festival.
The festival was also in response to the “Global Green Campaign” launched by the Embassy, in which famous structures will be covered with green lights.

In the festival, the Octagonal tower of Hanoi was decorated with green color of clover. Hanoi was the 100th city in the world joining such a meaningful campaign.

Participants were entertained with Irish music and got chance to know more about Irish culture.

According to Ms. Ngoc Anh, Deputy Head of the organizing panel, a special space was designed for participating families to encourage them to make recycled products to raise public awareness of environmental protection.

Other interesting activities during the festival included outdoor artistic shows, group dances, traditional Irish dance performance and making recycled toys.

Translated by Mai Huong