Earlier, Niel Pasadas Veronilla, 20, got a serious injury in his right hand and was heavily bleeding while working on Greek ship Anangel Merchant which was on its voyage from Vietnam’s Son Duong port to Australia. The ship requested the Vietnamese authorities to take the injured to Nha Trang for emergency treatment.

Crewmembers on board ship SAR27-01 taking Niel Pasadas Veronilla ashore for treatment

After receiving the information, the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center contacted and instructed the ship how to provide first aid to the sailor and to steer the ship to Nha Trang as fast as possible.

The center at the same time sent ship SAR27-01 to ship Anangel Merchantto take the Filipino sailor ashore.

*On December 1, the Ho Chi Minh City's Border Guard sent a ship of Flotilla 2 with 10 troops on board to rescue five fishermen from Tien Giang province on troubled trawler SG-3110 TS with Nguyen Van Tuan from Can Gio district at the helm. The trawler sunk due to high waves.

Translated by Chung Anh