Earlier, the command received a mayday signal from the distressed trawler, captained by Do Ngoc Anh. The trawler, about 95 nautical miles East-Southeast of Ly Son Island, was about to sink due to leakages in the hull and engine failure.

The command sent Ship 635 to the scene for a rescue mission. In spite of a harsh weather condition, the rescue ship approached the trawler and towed it with all crew-members to Ly Son port.

* The same day, ship CSB 2012 of the Coast Guard Region 2 Command successfully rescued and towed ashore a troubled trawler with ten fishermen on board.

Ship CSB 2012 approached and towed the trawler ashore.

Previously, trawler ĐNa 91060 TS, captained by Cao Minh Tan, from Nai Hien Dong ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city, went adrift due to engine failure while fishing at sea about 30 nautical miles off Con Co Island.

After receiving the mayday signal, the command sent on-duty ship CSB 2012 to the scene for a rescue mission.

After hours of searching for the troubled trawler in bad weather conditions, the ship finally approached and towed the trawler ashore.

Translated by Song Anh