Dr. Linh, co-founder of the “For Vietnam’s sovereignty over sea and islands” Foundation in the Republic of Korea (RoK), talked about the deep sentiments and the spread of love for national sea, islands, and home country among the Vietnamese community overseas in general and in the RoK in particular.

Troops from Brigade 146 receives gifts from overseas Vietnamese on the occasion of the lunar New Year.

According to Dr. Linh, over the past time, overseas Vietnamese in the RoK have carried out practical and effective activities towards national sea and islands, including the “Tet with national sea and islands” program whenever spring comes to encourage naval troops.

He emphasized that through visits to islands in the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago, overseas Vietnamese now are fully aware of and understand the fight to safeguard the sovereignty over sea and islands and the continental shelf of the nation and more admiration for the spirit, will and determination of troops in task performance. As a result, their national pride and responsibility have been promoted to contribute to the national construction and defense.

On the occasion of the lunar New Year 2024, the mission presented six laptops to Brigade 146, troops on Co Lin (Collins Reef) and Len Dao (Lansdowne Reef) islands, Marine Brigade 101, and Submarine Brigade 196. They gave 276 boxes of coffee, 35 Tet-gifts to units under Naval Region 4 as well.

At the event, a leader from Brigade 146 informed of the plan to receive six water filters valued at USD 60,000 from the VKBIA, at the debut of the Khanh Hoa Fisheries Development Support Fund with the aim of “Greening Truong Sa.”

The gifts from overseas Vietnamese for naval troops are a source of encouragement for them to complete the mission of safeguarding national sea and islands.

He also expressed deep thanks to the Vietnamese community abroad in general and the VKBIA and Vietnamese community in the RoK in particular for their special feelings for naval troops on the occasion of the traditional Tet holiday. He said that it was a source of encouragement for them, especially those undertaking missions in the Truong Sa archipelago.

Translated by Mai Huong