In the resistance war against the U.S. invaders, Ham Rong Bridge and Ma River area was an important strategic position. The U.S. troops attacked the position in order to prevent Northern people and troops from providing supplies for those in the South.

Delegates pay tribute to 64 fallen teachers and students.

From the beginning of 1972, to save the "Vietnamization" strategy, the U.S. imperialists escalated their attack on the North by mobilizing air and naval forces to raid key strategic positions throughout the North, including the Ham Rong Bridge - Ma River area.

At 8 hundred hours on June 14, 1972, U.S. fighters rushed to Ham Rong Bridge and dropped bombs over the Ma river dike area where around 2,000 teachers and students of the Medical and Pedagogy School 7+3 and  civilian workers of Dong Son and Hoang Hoa districts were building the dike about 1km from the foot of Ham Rong Bridge. Sixty four teachers and students of Medical and Pedagogy School 7+3 died that time.

At the incense offering ceremony, members of the mission expressed their deep respect and gratitude to Thanh Hoa province’s eminent sons and daughters who sacrificed for the national salvation and reunification cause.

On behalf of the province’s Party Organization, authorities, troops and people, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Do Trong Hung promised to promote solidarity and be determined to overcome difficulties and challenges to fulfill targets set for 2022, contributing to building Thanh Hoa into a developed and exemplary province.

Translated by Tran Hoai